A Gated Community

     A.G.C is a series of photos documenting the place where I have spent all my summers since I was about 12 years old, the Basketball Courts. I witnessed everything from barbecues to fights, to music videos being filmed and kids enjoying summer love. It was definitely a community I was proud to be a part of.

     The first week I began this project, it immediately made sense to me. I've found my story. It's the emotions, the bonds and the home away from home attitude everyone has at the courts. My friends who never knew I was a photographer coming up to me and asking me for lessons was an eye opener, and so was some of the kids saying "YOOOOO, it looks like i'm on a magazine cover!" after I show them their photo. I quickly realized that A Gated Community wasn't just about documenting what’s going on in the court, but bringing my community an artistic experience they wouldn't get otherwise.

     My ultimate goal with this project is to bring the arts to the small community in my neighborhood. I want to shed light on my community and show others that it's beautiful! It has its ups and downs just like the rest of the world, but this community raised me. When A.G.C is complete and I feel I have enough photos to properly represent my community, the final art show will be exhibited inside the actual basketball court. I want people to get an experience that is as real and raw as the photos I try to capture.

You can keep up with this ongoing project on Instagram @AGatedCommunity