Nick Newell for ESPN

One thing i feel sets me apart from any other " Wedding Photographer" is that I'm always trying to experience and photograph something new.

I've never shy'd away from a new experience.

Working on this assignment for ESPN was one of the best learning experiences I've ever had. I was being thrown into an assignment I've never photographed before with people I've never met before completely not knowing what to expect.

This is why I do photography, it was the excitement that came with something completely unknown.

Below are just a few of the moments I will never forget.

Nick Newell is nothing short of legendary for what he does. Spending time with him and seeing not only how talented he is but how humble and down to earth he is truly motivated me in a way only he could. Hes a Beast in the ring and just an awesome human being! 


Nick Newell own's and operates an awesome gym in connecticut as well! I'd definitely reccomend checking it out! 


You can check out his website at 

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